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Profile of Jiangxi Song and Dance Theater
Jiangxi Song and Dance Theater was established in November 1957, its predecessor is the Troupe of the Fourth Field Army of the Chinese People's Liberation Army; later, it was successively incorporated as the Art Troupe of the 21st Corp and the Art Troupe of Engineering Corps in Central South Military Area Command; in 1956, it was reorganized as the Art Troupe of Ministry of Communications in Beijing; it was located in Jiangxi under the concern of Shao Shiping, the governor of Jiangxi Province in Autumn of 1957, and at the same year, on November 11, Jiangxi Song and Dance Troupe was established. In 1969, Jiangxi Agricultural Reclamation Art Troupe was incorporated. In 2000, it’s renamed as Jiangxi Song and Dance Theater after the approval of provincial Party committee and provincial government. On May 31, 2012, it’s renamed as Jiangxi Song and Dance Theater Co., Ltd after reform as an enterprise. The incumbent president is Xu Xiangdong, Party secretary is Hu Jiayi, and vice-president is Wu Chengxiang. The current organization establishment includes Theater Office, Business Department, Performance Department, Logistics Department, Song Group, Dance Group, Symphony Orchestra (band), Stage Art Center and affiliated Chorus.
Important Activities since Establishment
For the more than 50 years, Jiangxi Song and Dance Theater takes root on red land and performs along the Ganjiang River and all over the country, which brings art with strong spirit of the time and rich national and folk features to general audiences. During art practices, large amount of excellent works are formed over time, many actors with representativeness are trained, and a lot of works win national and provincial awards. The literary works to be created and performed have rich local features in Jiangxi and have gained popularity among the masses.
In 1959 and 1961, the Troupe has performed twice for important meetings held by the Party Central Committee and was interviewed and praised by Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De and other older generation of proletarian revolutionaries for many times.
In 1959, the Troupe was invited by Ministry of Culture to perform in Beijing to celebrate the tenth anniversary of foundation of China and performed for Party and state leaders and foreign state head and head of government at the newly-built Great Hall of the People.
Since 1980, our Theater has visited Yugoslavia, Hungary, Romania, former Soviet Union, South Africa and others of six countries in Africa and Japan.
In October 1991, our Theater was invited by Ministry of Culture to perform grand song and dance drama Passion of Ganjiang in Beijing to commemorate 60th anniversary of establishment of Central Revolutionary Base Area. At the same year, we took part in the third Beijing Chorus Festival and won awards on performance and conductor.
In August 2002, the Chorus came to Beijing to take part in the competition of the 6th International Chorus Festival and won the silver award of adult group.
In October 2002, we were delegated by Ministry of Culture to make cultural exchanges performance in Belorussia and Armenia so as to make positive contribution to enhance international friendship and to strengthen cultural exchanges.
Introduction of Important Plays
Grand original dance drama Soul of China won performance award and seven individual awards in national dance drama competition in 2003. In 2004, the dance drama took part in the seventh Art Festival in Hangzhou, China and won Wenhua Prize and five individual awards, which has entered national excellent project of stage. At the same year, the dance drama was invited to take part in Shanghai International Arts Festival and to perform at Shanghai Grand Theatre and received acclaim.
Grand scene play of song and dance Jinggang Mountains won the award for excellent works of the eleventh national construction of spiritual civilization of “Five ‘One’ Project” in 2009. As the “grand finale” of closing ceremony of exhibition performing organized by the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC and the Ministry of Culture to celebrate the 60th anniversary of foundation of PRC, the play was performed in National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing. At the time to celebrate the ninetieth anniversary of foundation of CCP, Jinggang Mountains has come to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong, Sichuan and other positions to make a performance tour, which has led the trend to promote Jinggang Mountains’ spirit.
Grand romantic singing and dancing performance Enchanting Jiangxi won the 13th Wenhua prize for excellent play in the 9th Art Festival of China and was selected to compete for national excellent project, which won honors for Jiangxi peoples and a big plus on cultural undertaking in Jiangxi. In 2012, grand romantic singing and dancing performance Enchanting Jiangxi won the award for excellent works of the Jiangxi construction of spiritual civilization of “Five ‘One’ Project”.
Original five-act national opera Come Home won the “Yuminghua” award of the fifth Jiangxi Art Festival in 2013.
In 2014, win the prize for excellent play of “Five ‘One’ Project” in Jiangxi
In May 2014, take part in performance of Opera Festival in National Centre for the Performing Arts and win acclaim from people from all circles of life.
In June 2014, this opera is invited by Taiwan work office of the Central Committee of CCP to take part in performance of “6th Straits Forum” in Xiamen, Fujian province.
Since reform and opening up, Jiangxi Song and Dance Theater keeps forgoing ahead to build its own brand and has courage to expand performing market, that almost 200 performances are played every year, and the Theater goes all over the country to factories and mines, countries and villages and universities, which has brought positive social benefit and economic benefit.
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